Mash's Knitted Hats

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Mash's Knitted Hats by Mind Map: Mash's Knitted Hats

1. Home

1.1. A brief introduction to the site and what there is to offer

1.1.1. Logo, Digital Photo Editing

2. About

2.1. All about my Grandma who sews the merchandise and why she does it. Also there will be a brief introduction of who I am and who made the site.

2.1.1. Logo, Graphic Design, Video

3. Merchandise

3.1. Pictures and prices of each specific merchandise that are available and what there is to offer

3.1.1. Logo, Infographics, Digital Photo Editing

4. Donation Page

4.1. A place where anyone can feel free to either send yarn or money to help the business flourish.

4.1.1. Logo, Google Form, Digital Photo Editing

5. Reference

5.1. The part of the website where credit is given for all pictures, videos, etc.

5.1.1. Logo, Screencast Presentation

6. Stories

6.1. Examples of people who have received Maxine's hats and what they thought about the hat. Also a place where people can write their own thoughts about the merchandise being sold.

6.1.1. Logo, Infographics, Google Form

7. People in Need

7.1. A list of multiple organizations, places, or people that could use hats and that have been donated to in the past. Also a place where site viewers could add different organizations where they know hats could be used.

7.1.1. Logo, Google Form, Animations

8. Contact Information

8.1. The place the viewer can visit to find out how to contact the owner of the website.

8.1.1. Logo, App Prototype, Social Media