Elements of design

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Elements of design by Mind Map: Elements of design

1. Space

1.1. This room shows less space because there's a lot of objects

1.2. This room shows more space because the amount of objects

1.3. This room shows a lot of space because I feel like the windows open it up more

2. Horizontal Lines

2.1. This  room shows the lines on the wall that's horizontal

2.2. This shows the horizontal from the couch

2.3. This shows that the blinds are horizontal

3. Curved

3.1. This shows that the ceiling is curved

3.2. This shows that the couch the curved

3.3. This shows that the counter in curved

4. Zig-zag lines

4.1. The bathroom shows the zigzag lines on the mirror

4.2. This room shows the zigzag on the wall

4.3. This show the zigzag on the ceiling

5. Diagonal lines

5.1. This room shows that the bookshelf is diagonal

5.2. This room shows that the stairs are diagonal

5.3. This shows that the ceiling is diagonal

6. Texture

6.1. This wall shows that the texture is rough

6.2. The cushion on the chair shows a rough texture

6.3. The curtain shows a soft texture

7. Vertical Lines

7.1. The columns on the ceiling show vertical lines

7.2. The bars on the stairs show vertical lines

7.3. The wood on the Windows shows vertical lines