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Brand Yourself Planning by Mind Map: Brand Yourself Planning

1. Middle

1.1. I took courses on graphic principles, Motion Graphics, live event design, etc.

1.2. I have enjoyed designing ever since I was a child.

1.3. I have all the skills necessary and the right attitude for the job.

2. Message

2.1. My message to my audience is that with my skills, knowledge, and abilities. I also have a great love for this industry. I really want to be able to design stuff for a living because it's what I enjoy doing the most.

3. Audience

3.1. Digital Arts Industry

3.2. The info that is important to who I'm presenting too is that I have taken all the classes for this industry. I also have the integrity of what it takes to be in the industry. They also want to see designs.

3.3. I want my audience to think I am the perfect fit for the industry. I want them to know what skills I have.

4. Beginning

4.1. I graduated from Full Sail.

4.2. I learned many different topics that are important in the Digital Design Industry. I also loved every step of the way, so I will enjoy it in  a real job format.

5. Tools

5.1. Camera

5.2. Voice

5.3. Final Cut Pro

5.4. Projector

5.5. Screen

6. End

6.1. I know that my skills and abilities would go great in this industry.

6.2. My personality and attitude is great for working alone and also with a team.

7. With my passion, integrity, and perserverance I could help out in any way possible. I am willing to do the hard work and anything in between.

8. Obstacles

8.1. The obstacles I think I will face is being able to execute my presentation up to standard.

8.2. What I am going to do to face this challenge is keep the desire to join this industry in the back of my head at all times.