Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande by Mind Map: Ariana Grande

1. Mise-en-scene

1.1. Everyone in the video wears the same colour scheme of clothing - white and black. This is much like a stage/theatre performance where the individuals in an act/show all wear similar clothing. Perhaps this was done because the song quite animated and playful, as well as the fact that it is a performance based video. This is also proven by the design set, there is open space like a dance hall and a staircase leading to a platform.

2. Special Effects

2.1. There may have been green screening used for the moving swirly background that Ariana lies on and the bubbly effect around Iggy Azalea.

3. More...

3.1. The target audience would be generally aimed at younger viewers like children and teenagers. The video is quite animated and energetic. These elements engage these viewers which encourages them to buy the record. Ideas I would adopt from her video would be how often the scenes change, at the beat of the song and the green screening technique to make backgrounds more interesting and different.

4. There is a wide variation of camera shots used like mid-shots, close-ups, extreme close-ups, long shots, wides shots, tracking and depth of field. These shots change constantly because the song is very quick and snappy. Close-up shots are used with Ariana when she is lip-synching/singing as she makes eye contact with the camera. This allows her sweet, girly and innocent representation to be brought through more. Extreme close-ups are used with Big Sean's lips as he lips syncs the whispers - this adds emphasis, to the hook of the song. When zoomed out, with Ariana behind, depth of field shot is used on the video stars which repeatedly switches back and forth. This suggests they are both significant in the frame. Wides shots are used to include all the dancers in the frame and tracking shots to move with dancers. This allows the movement of the record to caught.

5. Synopsize

5.1. The video is based on performance - there is choreography and lip synching. The lyrics are about issues in a relationship. The themes in this song are self-awareness and love. Motifs used are colours like pink and white. The swirly backgrounds represent love and the black colours for the more serious side of the song. The star, Ariana Grande, is represented in a sweet, girly and innocent way, not highly sexualised.

6. Camera

7. Editing

7.1. Many editing techniques are used such as zooming effects, split shots, match cuts and wipe transitions. Superimposition is used with Iggy Azalea where she has been placed into the scene from a separate shoot. This may have been because they two had different schedules and could not find time to work together at the same time. There are a lot of cutaways and the cutting rate is very fast which highly compliments the fast tempo of the songs and lyrics. The zoom-in effects allow changes from long shots or wide shots to close up or mid-shots of Ariana. Plus, the splits shots and wipe transitions. All coming together to provide energy and excitement.