100tific Revolution

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100tific Revolution by Mind Map: 100tific Revolution

1. Math

2. Science

3. medicine

4. careful observations and accurate measurements, calculating, stimulated scientific activity, mata was seen as the key to navigation, military science, and geography.

5. Andreas Vesalius - considered as the father of modern anatomy. William Harvey - discovered the circulatory system.

6. Chemestry

7. Rationalism

8. Pascal´s law- How liquids behaved under pressure. Antoine Lavoisier - the founder of modern chemistry. Boyle´s law - states that volume of gas varios with the pressure excrete on it.

9. Rene Descartes - considered the doubt and uncertainty, the new system was "doubt", Principles: "I think, therefore I am" and "separation of mind and matter". Scientific method - by Bacon: Systematic procedure for collecting and analyze evidence.

10. ptolemaic system: believe that the earth was the center of the universe. Heliocentric - by Copernicus : sun is the center of the universe. Kepler showed that the planet´s órbit on an elíptica shape. Galileo Galilei discovered that planes were componed of material substances as well as earth, he was forced by the church to abandon his ideas. Newton: in his book "principia" he explained the "universal law of attraction"

11. causes: they were more discoveries and people started to think in a different way, by not believing everything they heard about.

12. effects: every single breakthrough had an effect in different parts of our present society, thanks to new ways of thinking and discoveries, now we are more advanced and more ethical society.