Gathering For Naturals

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Gathering For Naturals by Mind Map: Gathering For Naturals

1. Join The Convo!

1.1. Is about talking with other people with natural hair and learning about their experiences.

1.1.1. Google Form: To have visitors join the convo, they would need to register to the site as a member.

2. Helpful Tips & Advice

2.1. This is where visitors can gain information, ideas, and support through their journey as a natural hair person.

2.1.1. Infographics: Certain Images and tips provided for visitors.

3. About

3.1. Explanation of why I created this website and my own personal natural hair journey provided.

3.1.1. Graphic Design/ QR Codes: Used to help visitors see website on mobile phones to have on the go.

3.1.2. App Prototype: I will use this to have the visitors upload pics of their hairstyles and hair lengths.

4. Contact

4.1. Will help visitors with certain questions that only I can answer.

4.1.1. Social Media: I will provide my Instagram information where the visitors will be able to visit for hair style pictures.

5. Stories

5.1. Where I will share stories of women I have contacted about their natural hair journey and outube links to videos on natural hair.

5.1.1. Video/ Animations: Use for the Promo Video.

6. Home

6.1. Where introduction to the site is and a quote about natural hair is placed.

6.1.1. Digital Photo Editing/ Logos: Where I will put the title "Gathering For Naturals".

6.1.2. Screencast Presentation: Key points to the Website, facts.

7. References

7.1. This Page is where I will show my references of all the videos and pictures I post on my website.

8. Tagline: A Place Where Anyone with Natural Hair can gather and talk.