Brand ME Project

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Brand ME Project by Mind Map: Brand ME Project

1. Audience: Future Employers

2. Begining

2.1. G.K. Chesterton Qoute

2.2. Start for love of Storytelling @ 5

2.3. First Novel

2.4. High School experience and development for Creative storytelling

3. Middle

3.1. Present studies @ Full Sail

3.1.1. Learning to perfect the craft Understanding the power of story

3.1.2. Understanding the power of story impact on the one impact on the many

3.2. Job @ library keeping resources at fingertips

3.3. Current writing experience

3.3.1. Blogging

3.3.2. Published works

3.3.3. Unfinished works

4. End

4.1. 1 year internship

4.2. Maintain library position

4.3. Graduate from FullSail with A average

4.4. Gain writing experience and references

4.4.1. Current characteristics desirable for employment creative thinking Passion Dedication and integrity to the craft Undeterred Determination

4.5. Gain position as a P.A.

4.6. Become a Screenwriter

5. Medium: Video Presentation

6. Thesis: My entire way of thinking and living has presented in itself, the kind of creativity, passion, and drive that is necessary for a career in Creative storytelling.