Learning Environments: Educational Structures enable 21st Century Skills

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Learning Environments: Educational Structures enable 21st Century Skills by Mind Map: Learning Environments: Educational Structures enable 21st Century Skills

1. Research from Georgetown has found that "improving a school‟s physical environment can increase test scores by up to 11%" ("21st Century").

2. No More Cookie Cutter Classrooms

2.1. Classrooms for 21st Century Learners:

2.2. Flexbile

2.3. Movable

2.4. Spacious

2.5. Interactive

2.6. Engaging

2.7. Visually Appealing

3. "The Scoop"

3.1. Classrooms of the 21st century must allow for: flexibility, adaptability, collaboration, communication, info. sharing, and connectivity to the wider world (Partnership, 2009).

3.1.1. These "learning studios" need: movable furniture and walls, room for intellectual curiosity, and social interaction ("21st Century"). Name Office hours Contact

3.1.2. Involvement in Community: service projects, internships, inquiry-based projects

4. Learning

4.1. Collaborative

4.1.1. Students must work together, interact, and discuss in 21st century classrooms.  Together, they think critically to work toward a solution to a problem or an approach to a question.

4.2. Shared

4.3. Student-Driven

4.3.1. Teachers become facilitators of the learning.  Students do the research, ask the questions, and find multiple approaches toward a question.

4.4. Global

4.4.1. "Learners may connect with their peers across the globe to share data on a common problem... Teachers and students may seek the advice of world-renowned experts to guide them in their inquiry-based projects" ("21st Century").

4.5. Project-Based

4.6. Interactive

5. Community

5.1. 21st century classrooms promote learning that extends into "the local community and the world at large" ("21st Century")

5.2. Building relationships among students and the people of the community through

5.3. Volunteering, sharing spaces, working together

5.3.1. Essay exam

5.3.2. Oral exam

5.3.3. Multiple choice

6. A.K.A. "Learning Studios" for the 21st Century learner