Planning a Presentation: Assignment

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Planning a Presentation: Assignment by Mind Map: Planning a Presentation: Assignment

1. Who is your audience

1.1. My demographic is a company by the name of Square Enix and its board of executives.

2. Flow of Ideas

2.1. In the Beginning, there was no knowledge of the word "role-playing game" a.k.a RPG. There was only my passion for all things games. Later on, towards the end of the beginning of this journey, I was beginning to learn of games like "Mario RPG" and "Final Fantasy". This struck a fire inside that consumed me. I had to play games like them, I had to learn the terminology, and then the behind-the-scenes step-by-step actions that was needed to complete a monstrosity like Final Fantasy that got bigger and better every time.

2.1.1. Toward the middle of my journey into the world of games, I started thinking outside the box, wondering how games that I love would be if the genres were mixed together some how. I would later take it even further by wondering how to make bad games better. By adding elements that I thought brought out a game's good side or elements from a proven successful game, I would improve upon them in my mind. Lastly, I would like to tell you about how I came to a realization that in order to be what I wanted to be in this life, I would have to become better in so many areas. I had to become better in art, so I took as many art classes as I could to strengthen my natural talent. I had to become better in thinking in a critical manner and objectifying things that I "didn't want to see" bad things about it. Learning about  mechanics and computers would make me more resourceful when the time came. I wanted to learn so much, so I began researching more and learned I needed to become at least a little proficient in programming, so I have been working with as much as I can with programs like java, c++, HTML,etc. I even learned to communicate in Japanese! Then came the point in my life that I needed more help than what I was giving myself, so I enrolled in Full Sail University's  game designing program. I have learned so much and it was very fun along the way. That brings me here, looking to work with one of the greatest gaming companies in the world.

3. express why are you doing this presentation and what result you hope to have

3.1. I'm doing this presentation so I can impress and inspire Square Enix into allowing me the honor of assisting in the creation of entertainment, whether it be games or otherwise. I would love to showcase my talents for them and bring on a new generation of gaming.

4. What tools are you planning to use for this presentation? Why did you choose these tools over others?

4.1. The tools I will be needing to complete this task is simply a mind and a computer with at least PowerPoint, Imovie, and Viseo.

4.1.1. The PowerPoint will help in sharing points I have across the board to a wide array of people if need be, in great detail. Imovie will allow me to integrate a personal feel while displaying what has been created on PowerPoint. Lastly, viseo will help create a flow chart so as to help keep myself on track with my plan for creating this presentation.

5. What biases or strong feelings will your audience have against your ideas? For instance, are you trying to persuade your audience to do something that is outside their comfort zone or line of business? How will you overcome these hurdles?

5.1. With my ideas I'm not so much as trying to influence a change of ideas, but a change in thinking. With that, I can say that my ideas are not just original, but also extraordinary in the ways I breakdown and perceive my thoughts and ideas. If there was any hurdle to overcome I would obviously think out a list of possibilities and have it ready if any were to arise.

6. Share your thoughts on what you think will be the hardest parts of this presentation in both production and delivery

6.1. The hardest part about delivering a presentation about me joining the biggest and brightest company to me, would be the fear of rejection afterwards or that the production or delivery would get botched somehow and I wouldn't have a solution. In the end, if something like this was to happen, then I would just have to get over it and collect myself and think about how to fix it.