Jennifer's Erasers

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Jennifer's Erasers by Mind Map: Jennifer's Erasers

1. About

1.1. Explanation of why I decided to create this site

1.1.1. I will do this by adding some background and personal information. This includes an autobiography.

1.1.2. I will create a small intro video

2. Contact info

2.1. This page will have multiple forms for viewers to contact me.

2.1.1. Have contact info such as my email and social media accounts.

3. Fun facts

3.1. This page will have interesting facts on erasers such as how they are made and the process to transport them.

3.1.1. A video will be added for this page

3.1.2. Tabs with different facts

4. Feedback with blog

4.1. This page will be for viewers who want to communicate with other eraser collectors. The viewers will be allowed to comment and share the different erasers that they may own themselves. Will write a weekly blog sharing my week and the eraser of the week.

4.1.1. Use google forms for people to submit comments

4.1.2. Section where viewers can leave social media info to connect with others.

5. Home

5.1. This page will welcome the viewer to become part of my world.

5.1.1. Include a graphic designed poster that summarizes the purpose of this site.

5.1.2. Create a video showing how many erasers I have acquired over the years.

5.1.3. Include my Logo

6. Eraser shops

6.1. Will have information on websites and locations where specific erasers can be found.

6.1.1. Use google maps

6.1.2. Have a section where I will review the websites, apps and locations

7. Gallery

7.1. This will include all the erasers I own

7.1.1. Digital photos of all erasers will be posted in folders.

7.1.2. Create a slideshow with different categories of erasers for viewers.

8. Jennifer's Erasers Tagline: It's not hoarding, it's collecting.

9. Reference Page

9.1. Have all the resources I used

9.1.1. Have a form with a list