tom's wrestling dojo

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tom's wrestling dojo by Mind Map: tom's wrestling dojo

1. home

1.1. The home page will be mainly a guide for users to explore the other sections featured on this website. Users will use the home page as a portal to discover what types of moves they want to learn.

1.1.1. Photo editor : I will use photos as the links to go onto another page.

1.1.2. Graphic editor : I will use this to make an outline of a business card.

2. about

2.1. In this section, readers will be informed of my wrestling background, ways to contact me and all the great things that will be on this website.

2.1.1. Photo editor : I will post pictures of me and social media websites to follow me on.

3. Moves from top

3.1. This section will provide users with all varieties of wrestling moves from the top position.

3.1.1. Video Project : I will use videos to teach new wrestlers or even those who are professionals.

4. Moves from bottom

4.1. This section will include the different moves from the bottom position.

4.1.1. Video Project :This will be done by  showing the users instructional videos.

5. Moves from neutral

5.1. This section will include the different types of wrestling moves from the neutral position.

5.1.1. Video Project : This will be done by showing videos, pictures and instructions on how to do these moves.

6. Tag line : Turning good wrestlers into great wrestlers.

7. References