Presence - Amy Cuddy

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Presence - Amy Cuddy by Mind Map: Presence - Amy Cuddy

1. Power

1.1. Most Powerful is he who has power over himself. -Seneca

1.2. Feeling Powerful v/s Powerless

1.2.1. When feeling POWERFUL When feeling Powerful, we are much more likely to take ACTION We become decisive Power synchronizes our Thoughts, Feelings and behaviours Our non-verbals match our self reported emotions We feel free to express ourselves It boosts performance when stakes are high Power is about taking up space Physical Emotional Time

1.2.2. When we feel powerless We try to adapt our behavior to  what others might expect of us We become insincere - not because we want to deceive. But because we want to protect ourselves It is better to blend in and please when we have no power Our body language, tonality, words are out of sync

1.3. Power Reveals

1.3.1. We can only know the truly powerful Because the Powerful are courageous enough to express themselves without apology

2. What is Presence

2.1. Presence = Being able to truly be who we are

2.1.1. Express our emotions, feelings etc

2.1.2. We are able to Express our true selves

2.2. We stop fighting ourselves

2.3. Being Inauthentic

2.3.1. We are trying to reconcile What we know to be true What we want to be true What we are presenting as true And all the emotions that go with it All the emotions are in conflict and it shows

2.3.2. It is very hard work

2.4. Presence = We believe our own stories

2.4.1. To convince others we have to convince ourselves

2.5. Presence Emerges

2.5.1. When we feel Powerful

3. Values Based Self Affirmation

3.1. Being yourself is Enough

3.2. Your true self is truly Powerful

3.3. You are presenting your Truest Self

3.3.1. You are being completely present

3.3.2. You are being Truly Powerful

3.4. Values Based Self Affirmation Technique

4. Power and Physiology

4.1. Testosterone

4.1.1. High Power => High Testosterone Level

4.2. Cortisol

4.2.1. High Power => Low Cortisol Level When we have high power we feel little stress

4.3. Body Language

4.3.1. POWERFUL Bigger More Eye Contact Speaking Slow Un-rushed We feel entitled to the time and attention we are using Low Pitch

4.3.2. POWERLESS Collapse our body Chest caging Closed Not open Voice Hesitant Higher pitch

4.4. Body Language is a stronger signal of dominance than your social status

4.5. Power Posing

4.5.1. Ted TALK Body Language changes Testosterone Level Cortisol levels

4.5.2. Do it Every morning

4.5.3. Do it before Big Events

5. Imagining Power Poses

5.1. Experimental Study of 200 people

5.1.1. Half asked to imagine themselves in POWER poses Picture strangers walking in and out of room How do you feel 70% used words that denoted confidence only 16% described strangers in any detail

5.1.2. Half asked to imagine themselves in Powerless poses Picture strangers walking in and out of room How do you feel 72% used words that indicated feeling threatened 82% described strangers in detail

6. Self Nudges

6.1. Tiny Tweaks => Big Changes

6.1.1. One step at a time

6.1.2. One step Over and over again

6.2. Simply adjusting your body language is the ultimate Self Nudge

7. Fake it till you become it

7.1. Don't fake it till you make it

7.2. William James

7.2.1. "Begin to be now, what you will be after"

7.3. Put on the mask every single day

7.4. Get that Winning Feeling

8. Confidence -> Decision or Decision -> Confidence

8.1. Learning to Surf

8.1.1. Just decide to stay on the board

8.1.2. By deciding to stay on board, we do everything necessary to stay on board and hence develop confidence

8.2. We don't have to be confident to make decisions

8.3. Decisions give us confidence