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TOPIC by Mind Map: TOPIC

1. Describing Products Look at these sentences

1.1.  This shampoo washes the dirt out of your carpets!  This pen writes for a hundred miles!  This camera takes great pictures!  This mascara makes your lashes longer and thicker! These sentences describe what the product does. They are active sentences.

2. Talking about products

2.1.  This cup is made of plastic.  This ashtray was made out of an artillery shell.  This handbag is made of crocodile skin.  He built a house which was made out of Lego bricks. made of | made out of - These phrases are used when we can see the original materials used for making the object.


3.1. professional advertising

3.2. Industrial Advertising

3.3. Brand Advertising

3.4. Local retail advertising or

3.5. Advertising nonprofit

4. The Ps

4.1. Product

4.1.1. The product is anything tangible (goods or objects ) and intangible ( services or ideas) that offers a consumer company to meet your needs .

4.2. Price

4.2.1. The price refers to the amount of money the consumer has to pay for purchasing the product. It is the only element of the marketing mix that produces revenue for the company , since the rest only involves expense.

4.3. Promotion

4.3.1. Inform, communicate and persuade consumers are some of the features of the promotion. This section therefore refers to the flow of communication between the company and the customer

4.4. Distribution

4.4.1. A distribution channel could be defined as the path through the product from the company until it reaches the consumer