TrimTribe Launch Domain name:

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TrimTribe Launch Domain name: by Mind Map: TrimTribe Launch Domain name:

1. TEST PASS (Addeed to List, Received Confirmation Emaiil from GTW, Added to GTW)

2. TEST PASS (Added to Lists, Received Welcome/Bonus Emails from CF, Received UN/PASS from S2, Logged in to TT)

3. LeadQuizzes

3.1. Quiz: Created and Tested!

3.2. AutoResponder Email: Not Ready. (Waiting for Swipe Copy)

3.3. Lists: Set Up  on AWeber (Depends on Results)

4. Things Needed:

4.1. Quiz Autoresponder Email Swipe.

4.1.1. Simply add a Comment here to provide feedback or answer questions...!

5. TrimTribe VIP Salespage

5.1. Sales Page: Created!


5.2. Order Form: Created!

5.2.1. S2 Member Integration: Done by Nick

5.2.2. Products (with AR Emails): Set Up by Sheila

5.2.3. Form: Set Up by Mosiur Old Version:

5.2.4. Order Confimation/Thank you page: Set Up by Mosiur

5.3. Buyers Email List:  Created!

5.3.1. TT97.BUYERS and TT37.BUYERS: Set up by Sheila

6. Webinar - 5 Belly Fat Types

6.1. Optin Page: Ready


6.2. GoToWebinar: Webinar created

6.3. 5BELLYFATYPES List: Created!

7. Last Update: -Mosiur  09-15-16 (2:10 AM PST)