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NSAID by Mind Map: NSAID

1. Selective

1.1. Slective cox-2 inhibitors

1.1.1. Adverse effects General adverse effects of NSAIDs Renal toxicity Dyspepsia & heartburn Allergy Cardiovascular

1.1.2. General clinical uses Short term use in postoperative patients Acute gouty arthritis Acute musculoskeletal pain Ankylosing spondylitis

1.1.3. Celecoxib Half life 11hours Given twice daily Food decrease its absorption Highly bound to plasma proteins

2. Non selective

2.1. Pharmacological actions

2.1.1. 1- anti-inflammatory

2.1.2. 2- antipyretic effect

2.1.3. 3- antiplatelet effect

2.1.4. 5- gastrointestinal effect

2.1.5. 6- effectofs of kidney

2.1.6. 7- respiratory effects

2.2. Clinical uses

2.2.1. Analgesia Migraine Headache Dental pain Dysmenorrhea

2.2.2. Antipyretic

2.3. Adverse effectes

2.3.1. Ulceration & bleeding

2.3.2. Blockade of platelet aggregation

2.3.3. Inhibition of uterine motility

2.3.4. Renal adverse effects

2.3.5. Hypersensitivity reacthions