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Why should I learn Spanish? by Mind Map: Why should I learn Spanish?
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Why should I learn Spanish?



Heterogeneity makes life more interesting!

Music/Concerts/Cultural Events

Restaurants/Small businesses

This also falls under the jobs category!


When you can communicate in more than one language, you can communicate with a much larger section of the population.  Even if you can't communicate in someone else's first language, you increase the chances that you will have, at least, one common language


International Business


Speaking both languages allows you to teach Spanish in an English-speaking country or English in a Spanish-speaking country.


When you speak a second language, the variety of jobs that are available to you double or triple.  You could be a tour guide, work at a US based company, etc.


College Requirements

Most colleges are asking for a minimum of 2+ years of a high school language.


I need to get a good grade in this class to keep my GPA where I want it to be.

Personal Growth

Learning another language helps you to learn more about your own language, it's unique structures and nuances.


Study Abroad