Americans in Space

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Americans in Space by Mind Map: Americans in Space

1. Criteria for Space

1.1. Must be no taller than 5''11

1.2. Has to be between the ages or 25 and 40

1.3. Has to have at least 1,500 hours of flying time

2. John Glenn

2.1. flew combat missions in both World War II and the Korean War

2.2. holds the highest military rank — Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines

2.3. Flew in January 1962

2.4. His mission is to circle Earth

2.5. He flew and the age of 37

2.6. His family named it the friendship 7

2.7. There were a lot of engineering problems before take off

2.8. There were many problems before take off

3. Training

3.1. the astronauts are spun around at high speed until the pressure on their bodies is 16 times that of their own weight

3.2. "The Vomit Rocket" flies up and down like a roller coaster and tests if they can handle it

4. Other 2 Americans in Space

4.1. Alan Shepard was sent into space for a 15 minute flight

4.2. Guss Grissom went into space and circle around the Earth for 25 hours