Environmental Issues

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Environmental Issues by Mind Map: Environmental Issues

1. We can protect the environment by travelling less with cars and maybe take the bus, ride a bike, carpool etc. By just taking the bike or a bus you are releasing less carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

1.1. What are the causes of the environmental issues around the world

1.2. Environmental issues our world is facing

2. Global Warming

3. Global warming is the cause of rapid rising sea levels, emissions of greenhouse gasses and the melting of the polar ice caps. global warming are also the causes of the many flash floods, desertification and excessive snow.

4. Waste Disposal

5. the over consumption of plastics is making a huge problem. We are using up way too many resources that we don't even know where to put them. Therefore, we start to throw them into the ocean and less developed countries.

6. Deforestation

7. Trees help produce oxygen and regulates temperature. However, people are cutting them down to make space to build up houses or commercial purposes. Soon they will cut down all the trees until we'll have NO MORE to cute down.

8. What Were Doing About It

9. Water Usage

10. We're trying to lessen the water usage for example, remember to turn the sink off, don't waste the water.

11. Travel

12. Pollution

13. There is air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. Air pollution makes the air around us polluted which causes us health issues since we breathe in the air. Water pollution makes the water contaminated and it makes our drinking water dirty. Land pollution is caused from human activities and our activities end up degrading the earths surface.