Action Plan for ELL Sebastian from Peru

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Action Plan for ELL Sebastian from Peru by Mind Map: Action Plan for ELL Sebastian from Peru

1. Take note not to call him out for behavioral issues in front of the group, but speak to him individually

1.1. Who: Myself and other teachers/administrators

1.2. Where & When: throughout the school day, in all classes, recess and lunch

1.3. How: Either move closer to him for a one on one conversation or call him over to you for a discussion without appearing upset

1.4. Why: This is important because in Peruvian culture, to be called out by your teacher can be very shameful

2. Partner him with other students who are not taking part of team sport to interact/play

2.1. Who: I will initiate

2.2. Where & When: during recess and lunch where socialization is key

2.3. How: I will ask Alan and Bobby to invite Sebastian into their games and at their lunch table

2.4. Why: Sebastian is having a tough time establishing friends, because he's new to the school and hasn't figured out how he can engage

3. When speaking with him either for instruction or otherwise, make sure that his understanding is correct, making sure I keep the language simple

3.1. Who: Myself and other teachers

3.2. Where & When: throughout the school day in all classes

3.3. How: Gently ask him to tell you what he just heard you say

3.4. Why: Sebastian will often nod and say he understands but not follow through.  I believe this is because he doesn't want to look bad.

4. Engage ELL teacher for push-in/pull-out support to make sure that language hurdles are overcome

4.1. Who: Myself and ELL team

4.2. Where & When: During ELA reading and writing sessions.  In the classroom for push-in; in ELL lab for pull-out

4.3. How: Email ELL team and agree on regular schedule

4.4. Why: Sebastian recently demonstrated spelling challenges as well as reading comprehension issues

5. Highlight 'Facts about Peru' as a topic during sharing time

5.1. Who: Myself, Sebastian and classmates

5.2. Where & When: During morning meeting sharing time; in the classroom

5.3. How: Ask Sebastian if he wants to prepare and present things about Peru that he can share with the class.  Do my own research with five facts.  Ask other students if they want to research Peruvian culture and contribute throughout the week.

5.4. Why: This will help other students understand and know Sebastian better and also give Sebastian a positive experience in the classroom where he's the expert.