Action Plan for ELL Hawon from S. Korea

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Action Plan for ELL Hawon from S. Korea by Mind Map: Action Plan for ELL Hawon from S. Korea

1. Augment English learning with sentence structure worksheets, substituting for reading logs twice a week

1.1. Who: Myself and Lead Teacher

1.2. Where & When: During Writing portion of the class.  She can complete them as homework.

1.3. How: Introduce the worksheets in coordination with the ELL teacher, and provide them to her twice a week.  See how she translates her work from the worksheet into reading log corrections the other nights

1.4. Why: Hawon's native Korean language has a very distinct and different sentence structure.  This has proved a hurdle for Hawon both when she speaks as well as writes

2. Identify a student partner who will be inclusive of Hawon during recess and lunch

2.1. Who: I will initiate

2.2. Where & When: during recess and lunch where socialization is key

2.3. How: I will ask Amelia to invite Hawon into her games in recess or join her in library during recess, and at her lunch table to start

2.4. Why: Hawon is trying hard to establish friendships and she's very likeable, but her language is limiting her ability to interact

3. Host and in-class lunch, inviting all students to bring their favorite dish to share

3.1. Who: Myself and room parent to coordinate

3.2. Where & When: Friday lunch, in classroom for a more leisurely afternoon schedule

3.3. How: Coordinate with the room parent on making sure that other parents can sign up to bring in enough to share.  Preface the event in the week by talking to students about how important it is to try different foods.

3.4. Why: Hawon has made note to me of the foods she brings in for lunch and what they're made of.  This may be an indication that this would be a good connection for her for level participation

4. Engage ELL teacher for push-in/pull-out support to make sure that language hurdles are overcome

4.1. Who: Myself and ELL team

4.2. Where & When: During ELA reading and writing sessions.  In the classroom for push-in; in ELL lab for pull-out

4.3. How: Email ELL team and agree on regular schedule

4.4. Why: Hawon is an Early Production ELL and needs a lot of support for both her social as well as her academic language

5. Have Hawon suggest a Korean children's game during morning meeting activities

5.1. Who: Myself, Hawon and other students

5.2. Where & When: During morning meeting activity time; in the classroom

5.3. How: Ask Hawon to explain a game to me in a one on one setting, then invite her to do the same in a morning meeting, so I can help her explain the rules and demonstrate.  Include Amelia so she can be part of the demonstration and explaining rules to other children

5.4. Why: This will help other students understand Hawon and Korean culture in a fun way.  Hopefully, it may also translate to a recess activity that she can engage in