Personal Writing History (Mind Map)

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Personal Writing History (Mind Map) by Mind Map: Personal Writing History (Mind Map)

1. Current Use:

1.1. I currently use writing in all of my college classes. I also use writing at my job. I am a Pre-K teacher and an administrative assistant. With both positions I do a lot of writing and emailing team members. It is great to grow my knowledge through the people I interact with on a daily basis.

2. Previous Use:

2.1. This is kind of silly but my best friend and I would write in a journal back and forth from middle school through high school. It was great to be able to journal my thoughts and experiences with my best friend. We had many discussions in these journals that were a form of peacemaking.

3. Previous Use:

3.1. I would write for my English classes in school growing up and would never be very successful. It was never what the teacher was looking for. I also struggled a lot with grammar and the English language in general. Although I've spoken English my whole life.

4. Positivity:

4.1. In my creative writing class in college I was truly encouraged. I was able to be successful on all of the assignments that I completed. It was a great experience for me to finally feel like a successful writer. Now I know that I will be able to teach my students about writing.

5. Future Classroom Use:

5.1. In the classroom I will make it a priority to assist any of my students who seem to be struggling with writing. Whether it is grammar, ideas, or the actual act of writing letters I will help them grow.

6. Future Personal Use:

6.1. I plan on continuing to write my thoughts and journalling what I learn in the Bible when I read. This will advance my own knowledge and skills in the area of writing which will make me a better teacher in the long run.

7. Current Use:

7.1. I currently journal my thoughts and prayers. I also journal my experiences in life. I think it is an important thing to do in order to process the things we go through in life.

8. Negativity:

8.1. In school I was never successful in English classes. I struggled frequently and did not receive any help until I was in college with this struggle. It was a very negative experience for me growing up. It created a hatred for writing in my heart.