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GSA by Mind Map: GSA

1. Schedule A Services

1.1. Exhibit A-1 Scope Model

1.2. Exhibit A-3 Process Definitions

1.3. Exhibit A-4 Element Definitions

1.4. Exhibit A-5 Interaction Models

1.5. Exhibit A-6 Solution Characteristics

1.5.1. Exhibit A-6-1 Application Services

1.5.2. Exhibit A-6-2 Technology Roadmap and Standards

1.5.3. Exhibit A-6-3 End User Services

1.5.4. Exhibit A-6-4 Housing (DC Facilities)

1.5.5. Exhibit A-6-5 Hosting (MR)

1.5.6. Exhibit A-6-6 Hosting (MF)

1.5.7. Exhibit A-6-7 Network

1.5.8. Exhibit A-6-8 Security

1.5.9. Exhibit A-6-9 Service Desk

1.5.10. Exhibit A-6-10 Service Management

1.5.11. Exhibit A-6-11 Disaster Recovery Plan

1.5.12. Exhibit A-6-12 Projects

1.5.13. Exhibit A-6-13 Invoice Process

1.6. Exhibit A-10 Reports

1.7. Exhibit A-11 Transition

1.8. Exhibit A-12 Milestones

1.9. Exhibit A-15 U&A Description

2. Schedule B Service Levels

2.1. Exhibit B-1-1 Service Levels NL

2.2. Exhibit B-1-2 Service Levels US

3. Schedule C Charges

3.1. Exhibit C-1 Financial Responsibility Matrix

3.2. Exhibit C-4 Ahold Fiscal Calendar

3.3. Exhibit C-5 Transition Charges

3.4. Exhibit C-6 Recource Unit Definitions

3.5. Exhibit C-7 HP Rate Card

3.5.1. Exhibit C-7-1 Rate Card

3.5.2. Exhibit C-7-2 App Maint Rate Card

3.6. Exhibit C-8 Calculation Examples

3.7. Exhibit C-9 Project Labor Rates

3.8. Exhibit C-10 Termination Charges

3.9. Exhibit C-11 ECA

3.10. Exhibit C-12 Benchmarking

3.11. Exhibit C-13 Joint Cost Optimization

3.12. US Exhibit C-14 Pro Forma Invoice Est P1

3.13. NL Exhibit C-14 Pro Forma Invoice Est P1

3.14. Exhibit C-15 Min Rev Commitment

3.15. Exhibit C-16 Services Pricing

4. Schedule E Disengagement Assistance

5. Schedule F Business Associate Terms

6. Schedule H Refresh

7. Schedule I Ahold Third Party Service Contracts

8. Schedule J Works

8.1. Exhibit J-1US Arena Supported Applications

8.2. Exhibit J-2 US Arena Supported App That are Ahold Licensed SW

8.3. Exhibit J-3 AH Licensed SW

8.4. Exhibit J-4 HP Owned Works

8.5. Exhibit J-5 NL Arena End User Compute SW

8.6. Exhibit J6-J7 Ahold Europe Apps & Middleware Products

9. Schedule K Ahold Facilities

9.1. Exhibit K-1 Ahold Facilities

10. Schedule L Governance

11. Schedule M Key HP Resources

12. Schedule N EU Data and Privacy Protection

13. Schedule O HP Parental Guarantee