My personal writing history

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My personal writing history by Mind Map: My personal writing history

1. What is writing to me?

1.1. A way to express yourself

1.1.1. One that tends to be the least used purpose for me

1.2. A way to explain

1.2.1. Most used in school. Tends to be the most boring for me

1.3. A way to get your point across

1.3.1. I like writing for persuasion

1.4. A way to help you remember

1.4.1. I use this daily. Especially for grocery lists and writing notes quickly in the notes app for a task that I need to remember.

2. What makes a good piece of writing?

2.1. Correctly identify the purpose

2.1.1. I would say that I'm pretty good at writing papers that have a purpose that is pretty obvious.

2.2. Grammar

2.2.1. Does it make sense

2.2.2. I sometimes struggle with this, and can over look small things

2.3. Does it make sense

2.3.1. I also struggle with being consistent and making sense

2.4. Depth

3. How do I feel about writing?

3.1. Negative

3.1.1. I usually do not enjoy writing papers that have no purpose I like to write to remember I like to write to love ones

3.2. Positive

3.2.1. I like to write to love ones

3.2.2. I like to write as a way of helping me, such as lists.

4. Future as a teacher

4.1. I will let the students pick what they choose to write about.i will provide several options

4.2. It's important to let the students choose a topic they are passionate or curious about

4.2.1. Writing is not useful to me if you have no interest in it. The best work comes from passion