New Aged Methods VS Outdated Methods

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New Aged Methods VS Outdated Methods by Mind Map: New Aged Methods VS Outdated Methods

1. New Aged Methods

1.1. Social Media

1.2. Email Content

1.2.1. Animation

1.2.2. Link Click to deliver you to external source

1.2.3. Static Graphic

1.2.4. Text

1.2.5. Video

1.3. Online Display Ads

1.3.1. Banners Interactive Why was it developed Purpose it serves Frequency of use Types of products/companies using these Animated Static

1.3.2. Video Ads Pop Up In-site Delays connection with streamed media Roll over to turn on sound

1.3.3. Expanding Ads Roll over Required interaction Appears as a banner Once the cursor rolls over it, It expands with generally some kind of animated ad

1.3.4. How? "Cookies" Directs you wth ads that appeal to your interests according to your activity online

1.4. Television

1.4.1. Television Streaming Service Providers Examples: Netflix, FireTV, Apple TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime Where they appear Widgets on your home screen Banners at the bottom or top of your streamed media Full-frame prior to watching the selection you've chosen to watch

1.4.2. Cable Service Providers Examples: Cox, SuddenLink, CenturyLink, Direct TV, Dish, etc. Where they appear As banners on your "Channel Guide/Directory" At start up screens on Smart TV's

1.5. Apps

1.5.1. Banners

1.5.2. Pop ups

1.6. Mass texts

1.6.1. You must sign up to recieve these Examples: Chipotle's Chiptopia Rewards texting you when you have earned enough points for a free side of chips and quacamole

2. Outdated Methods

2.1. TV

2.1.1. Commercial Advertising

2.2. Radio

2.2.1. Sponsored talk show

2.2.2. Recorded ads

2.2.3. Promotional Via events the radio is hosting Via talk show guests

2.3. Print Media

2.3.1. Magazine

2.3.2. Flyer/Brochure

2.3.3. Banners

2.3.4. Newspaper

2.3.5. Junk mail