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Indie Musician's Toolkit by Mind Map: Indie Musician
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Indie Musician's Toolkit

Created by Helen Baxter at Mohawk Media for a series of workshops at Colab, Auckland University of Technology.

Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

Helen Baxter

MD Mohawk Media

Mindmap address

Password: mohawkmedia


Try asking fans where to tour

How big a venue?, Living room gigs, Pub, Rock club

Amanda Palmer


Artists Data

Update all your spaces


NZ Ticketing system


The future?


Crowdfunding tools

List projects

Choose $$ goal

The Science of Crowdfunding

Not new idea

Marillion, brings music fans closer to the bands they love, $60,000 fan funded tour, Fan funded album, 2000, First album 12,000 pre-orders, Second album 18,000 pre-orders


'Where fans can invest in music'

Fleur Jack, Can use Kiwi FM as promo channel

Raised 9,000 Euros / $15,000 to record an album, 133 'Believers'


The Twitch

Paypal account

To collect sales & donations

Can use donation button

Pay to bank or credit card

Give a little

NZ Donations

Add embedded widget



Social Media friendly

Embeddable player

Host media files

Demos & fanbase


Heartening factoids: On Bandcamp, albums outsell tracks 4 to 1 (in the rest of the music buying world, tracks outsell albums 16 to 1). On name-your-price albums, fans pay an average of 50% more than whatever you set as your minimum. We've driven 624,910 paid transactions and served 10,046,430 downloads to happy fans.

Sell music & merchandise direct to fans, Speed of sound, $20 - 3 purchases, Fans paid $5 to 10, Knew goes direct to support us

CD Baby


Mass Distribution

Multiple download stores & streaming

Take 9%of revenue - you get 91%

More artist services, UPC barcodes



Traditionally artists made money through touring and merchandise


Self Publishing

Sell Tshirts etc., Embed online store into your site

QR Codes

Mobile readable messages


The only thing artists have to fear is obscurity not piracy.

Think of services labels offer then go indie

Website or social media?

Must update regularly

Microblogs easier than blogs to write

Work your social networks

33 Million People in the Room

Only set it up if you plan to keep it up to date

Get Social

MySpace?, My Space is dead, long live Facebook

Facebook, Groups v Pages, Band pages

Twitter, Two way info flow, Follow your heroes, track #hashtags, Encourage RTs, Ten ways to share music on twitter, Pay with a tweet

You Tube, Use tags, Most hits come from related videos, Short form clips

Hootsuite, Cross posting, Post to multiple twitter, Facebook & linked in accounts, Track hashtags

Music Hype, Fans listen, love, tweet & share music while being rewarded

Tagging Strategy

Tags increase visability to search engines

Use your name, location, genre etc.

What 5 key tags will you use?

Streaming Gigs

Living room gigs

Bedroom webcasts

Behind the scenes blogs



Mobile Media

Publishing, Pixelpipe


Encourage remixes & mashups

Remix = Reworking audio, images or both

Mashup = Mixing two or more clips together

Publish some digital assets, Make it easy for fans, Run comps


Band Central

Hootsuite, Cross posting, Post to multiple twitter, Facebook & linked in accounts, Track hashtags


GMail / Chat

Docs & files




Team Work PM, Albums, Tours



Heaps, KiwiBank


Bob Baker

Music Marketing Tips

Andrew Dubber

New Music Strategies - free ebook

Tshirts & Suits

Free ebook

Bootstrappers Bible

Free ebook


BPI 2010 UK report

27% more units of music sold in 2010 than 2006, album sales overall were down by 7%, digital album sales were up 30.6%

More than ever before

Despite Piracy

Music 'Deals'

A&R, Artist & Repertoire, Now discovered on You Tube

P&D, Production, Now in bedrooms, Distribution, Digital options cheaper/easier

Marketing, Social Media, You Tube


Labels only sign acts with existing fan base

Artic Monkeys

Justin Bieber

360 Deals

Indie approach

Manage your own career

Own your own copyrights

Are you a composer or a performer?, Touring, Releasing

Ken Kelly - Wired, 1,00 True Fans, brings music fans closer to the bands they love

Sell it ..., Keep largest %, Multiple formats, Multiple Income Streams

TMet Recordings

The Evil Plans of George Bush III, Made September 2001, Released September 2001, Kiwi FM - Top Ten, How to release?, Vinyl too expensive, CD's needed stockists

I Like the Blue Ones, CDs in Real Groovy, NZ, CD Baby - CD Distribution service, Signed with Itunes 2003

Online store launched Dec 2003, Digital downloads, NZ dance music

Radio Shows, UP Fm, Twisted Radio, Kiwi FM

Made more from Cd Baby than own store

Closed Online store in 2005

Label deal with Tidy Digital, UK, Got a track to the top of the Tidy Charts

Royalties, Arrive every 6 months for past 9 years, Small amounts, last royalty cheque $100, Singer with a deal said - "you must have sold loads", No - we just keep 91% of income, No Marketing since 2002, The long tail, eventually living income, multiple income streams, sell lots of small items over time, Go where the eyeballs are, High Street v Bazaar


Use Creative Commons licensing to encourage remixes

Creative Commons is a non-profit making organisation founded in 2001, to provide an alternative copyright system for artists in the digital millennium. On the Wikipedia entry on Creative Commons their focus is stated as 'Expansion of "reasonable", flexible copyright'. The Creative Commons Information Flyer (pdf) explains that CC Licenses are not an alternative to copyright. 'They apply on top of copyright, so you can modify your copyright terms to best suit your needs'. The end result is clearly defined terms of how a work is to be used, and a growing pool of legally remixable and mashable content.

CC is updating copyright for digital age

Updating copyright for digital age

Sits on top of copyright

Some rights reserved

Expresses how you want people to use your work

CC Databases, Search CC, Free Music Archive, Jamendo



Jam Studio


Hollywood Sound effects and loops

brings music fans closer to the bands they love

All starts with good audio

DIY Vocal Booth