Indonesian Barong Masks

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Indonesian Barong Masks by Mind Map: Indonesian Barong Masks



3. The masks are a sign of good luck and good fortune.They bring peice and protection

4. This mask can seem quite unsettling, especially as many features have been exaggerated. The bulging eyes give a startling look, and especially the red rings around the pupils. The stretched and widened mouth and large, pointy teeth are not usually what you would see on a something that represents good luck, but that makes it unique.

5. Barong masks are made of wood and are lion-like creatures. they come in many forms.


7. Barong Masks originate in Indonesia, and is mainly known in Bali. Many villages in Bali have a Barong which they consider a guardian.

8. They are used in dramas/ dances and many fighting scenes with demons and witches.

9. Its enemy of Barong is Rangda. Many performances are especially known to have a battle between Rangda and Barong. These battles represent the fight between good and evil, like a god and a devil.