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STEM by Mind Map: STEM

1. English-1

1.1. I have learned about oral communication in context. I have learned how to communicate with others.

2. Filipino-1

2.1. Natutunan ko di to ang wika, ang paggamit nito at kung ano ang mga proseso kung paano naging Filipino ang naging pambansang wika ng Pilipinas.

3. Math-1

3.1. In mathematics I have learned about linear and quadratic functions logarithms. ialso learn how to solve it.

4. Science-3

4.1. I have learn about rocks,solar system, and new renewable resources that can help our society.

5. P.E.-1

5.1. I have learned about Health Optimizing Physical Education I have learned about what activities that can help you fit and makes you healthy.

6. Em Tech-1

6.1. In Em tech I have learned about different sites that can help us, and make our work more easier like Prezi, Wix, Photoshop.

7. Pre-Calculus

7.1. I have leaned about  sigma notation, Quadratic Equations,elimination process and how to solve it.

8. Soc Sci-2

8.1. I have learned about philosophy of man.