University Question Papers

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University Question Papers by Mind Map: University Question Papers

1. Pune

1.1. Arts

1.2. Commerrce

1.2.1. B.Com

1.2.2. M.Com

1.2.3. BCA ( 6 semester)

1.2.4. MCA ( 6 semester)

1.3. Science (Credit Based)

1.3.1. BSc BSc IT BSc Biochemistry Chemistry Physics Statistics Life Sciences Biotech

1.3.2. BCS

1.3.3. MCS

1.3.4. MCA (6 semester) Sem I Programming with C (core) DBMS (core) Mathematical Foundation (core) Concrete Mathematics Graph Theory (core) Computer Organization (core) Sem II Data Structures (core) TCS (core) OOP- C++ (core) Computer Networks (core) ADBMS (core) Sem III DAA (core) Operating System (core) Software Engineering (core) Java (core) Numerical Methods (Electives) Multimedia Systems (Electives) Dot Net (Electives) Sem IV Computer Graphics (core) SDK (core) Advance Java (Core) OOSE Cyber Law (E) Soft Computing (E) Artificial Intelligence (E) Sem V Internet Programming (c) Principle of Programming Langauges (c) Data Mining & Warehousing (c) Software Project Management (c) Image Processing (E) E- Commerce (E) Mobile Computing (E) Sem VI Software Testing & QA Embedded System Information Security and Audit Cloud Computing

1.4. Management

1.4.1. BBA Semester I Business Communication

1.4.2. BBA -IB

1.4.3. MCA

1.5. Engineering

1.5.1. First Year Engineering Mechanical Chemical Information Technology E&TC Computer Science

2. Mumbai