Mindmap Water

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Mindmap Water by Mind Map: Mindmap Water

1. Ideas on Creating Awarness

1.1. i will probably make a website to help aware other people about the limitations of water an the problems caused by water. I could make a poster or a brocher but i will probably not.

2. Problems

2.1. 884 people lack the ability to drink clean water.

2.2. 3.575 million people die every year from water causes.

2.3. A english person who takes a five-minute shower uses more water than person livign in a slum all day.

3. Solutions

3.1. There should be more people donating money for the people that dont have water. We should help build more wells and water sources so that they can have a source.

4. Facts

4.1. 1. Almost 70% of adults body is water.

4.2. 2. There is about 326 million cubic miles of water.

4.3. 3. Between 70/75 percent of the worlds surface is covered with water.

4.4. 4. 1 trillian tons of water is evaporated by the sun a day

5. Good Sites

5.1. http://www.allaboutwater.org/water-facts.html

5.2. http://water.nationalacademies.org/?gclid=CPnG0Y317aUCFYIQfAodlGxXSw

5.3. http://www.wateraid.org/uk/donate/6180.asp?cartId=UN0000,RA/WB,SRec_Web,RA/WB/01&gclid=CNXc_uKw4aUCFccRfAodL26j0A