What is Technology

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What is Technology by Mind Map: What is Technology

1. What I think technology is now

1.1. Technology is more than just screens and fun for us. We went through such a long process of inventing it, for it to become what it is today which I think is absolutely phenomenal. We eat, breathe and sleep technology , it is our main source of communication, it keeps people alive it does all these amazing things that I never really paid attention to before. Sometimes technology can be frustrating hence my two laptops that I broke, but at the end of the day I realize that it is here to help us and make our lives easier.

2. What I learned from my program and other online research

2.1. So far in my program, I have learned a lot about the different kinds of technology that I would be using with multiple students that have disabilities. I have to say it was pretty tricky actually trying to use the different technical devices presented to me.

2.2. https://www.kurzweiledu.com/default.html  This is one of the software's that I was introduced to,  It is a Comprehensive Literacy Device that is used to help many students that have disabilities reach their academic goals in life.

2.3. Types of Assistive Technology

2.4. Low to Mid tech: Computerized pens

2.5. Mid to High tech: Audio Recorders

3. References

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4. What I thought it was

4.1. My Definition of technology was always freedom, my main source of communication and definitely a comfort zone for me when I don't have the urge to have face to face interactions with people. I never really realized how much more complex it was.

4.2. Basic Technology like smart phones, laptops, ATM machines, vending machines and so on.

4.3. An easy way to access information, easy way to socialize with people, playing games, break ups . Never knew there was so much more depth to it.

5. The incredible history of technology what I have learned

5.1. The history of technology was really amazing, seeing how far we have come with technology starting from the stone age to a more advanced world.

5.2. 30,000 B.C.E Cave Drawings

5.3. 510 B.C.E Pythagoras Acadaemy

5.4. 105 Paper made in China

5.5. 382 Manuscript Transaction

5.6. 1450 Gutenberg Printing Press

5.7. 1600-1800 Public Education

5.8. 1910-1940 Audio Visual Age

5.9. 1970-1980 Information Age

5.10. 1990-1991 Computer Age

5.11. 1995 Digital Age

5.12. 2000 The Interactive Age

6. Technology as Hardware

6.1. This type of hardware does not occur naturally.

6.2. God did not make them .

6.3. Also points out things made naturally by animals like bee hives and beaver dams.

6.4. (Dyer,2009)

7. Technology throughout the years have Drastically changed and improved becoming the most powerful thing on this planet. Without technology the majority of humans on earth would not survive. The video view on this module only covered the history up to the early 2000 era and since then we can say that technology has had a mind blowing change.

7.1. Neavdertal , Hadza , Yanomamo era these species didn't live  past the age of 40 their average age expectancy was 20 to 30 without the basic help that technology could provide.This goes to show what a powerful impact technology has on our lives.

7.2. Kevin Kelly spoke about a life without technology which i thought was a good listen, it really gave an open insight of the world back then without technology and had viewers thinking of a world without it now.   " If technology didn't exist if we eliminated technology we as a species would not live very long, we would die by the billions." (Kelly,2009).

8. Here are some more technology invention I researched.

8.1. 2400 BC The Abacus calender

8.2. 1510 Pocket watch invented

8.3. 1608 Telescope invented

9. Technology as Manufacturing

9.1. This conception of technology was largely non existent before the industrial evolution.

9.2. Technology as Manufacturing includes not just about the vat holding the molten steel for our next car or robot  putting together our next computer.

9.3. The entire process or in other words the Sociotechnical  system used for technology manufacturing , as the philosophers say.

9.4. (Dyer,2009)

10. Technology as Methodology

10.1. This type of technology does not refer to the physical product it consist of the routines, methods and skills that are used to make them modern.

10.2. (Dyer,2009)

11. Technology as Social usage

11.1. Technology is not just our basic needs like laptops and phones, when using these devices we become more secure and confident in our selves something much bigger than ourselves.

11.2. (Dyer,2009)