My Self-Portrait

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My Self-Portrait by Mind Map: My Self-Portrait

1. Multiple Intelligences

1.1. Bodily-Kinesthetic: 13

1.2. Visual-Spatial: 13

1.3. Verbal-Linguistic: 10

1.4. Logical-Mathematical: 13

1.5. Musical: 14

1.6. Interpersonal: 21

1.7. Intrapersonal: 14

1.8. Naturalistic: 9

2. Personality Spectrum

2.1. Organizer: 30

2.2. Adventurer: 11

2.3. Giver: 22

2.4. Thinker: 17

3. O*NET MyNextMove

3.1. Realistic: 5

3.1.1. Practical, hands-on, and answers. Do not enjoy careers that involve paperwork or being very social with others.

3.2. Investigative: 6

3.2.1. A thinker and likes work that has to do with ideas rather then leading people and physical activity

3.3. Artistic: 12

3.3.1. Enjoys music, art, and design; Thinks outside the box

3.4. Social: 17

3.4.1. Enjoys working with other to accomplish a goal and learn from it.

3.5. Enterprising: 22

3.5.1. Takes action rather then thinking about it and never happening.

3.6. Conventional: 8

3.6.1. Sticks to the facts and details; doesn't think outside the box

4. Building Excellence

4.1. Physiological Preferences

4.1.1. "You have a STRONG Preference for dealing with complex task and assignments in the evening."

4.2. Sociological Preferences

4.2.1. "Even though you value working with others, you frequently are more productive completing tasks when you work alone."

5. Successful Intelligence

5.1. The three characteristics I most want to develop throughout the term

5.1.1. I have the courage to risk failure Risk-Taking: “Learning is hard. True, learning is fun, exhilarating and gratifying—but it is also often daunting, exhausting and sometimes discouraging.”- Psychologist Angela Duckworth If I'm going to succeed in life I need to learn to take more risks and in result the awards will be greater.

5.1.2. I avoid Procastination

5.1.3. I am able to maintain confidence in myself

6. Emotional Intelliengence

6.1. Self-Awareness: 5/10

6.2. Self-management: 6/10

6.3. Social-Awareness: 8/10

6.4. Relationship Management: 7/10

7. Preferred Teaching Style

7.1. One of my best teacher I've learned from was someone who explain the content through relatable stories to help us understand the concept.

8. Preferred Study Strategries

8.1. I find myself excessing the most when I study alone with music playing at a very low volume. I also study for short amounts of time  multiple times a day, so I can truly grasp the content.

8.2. Alone

8.3. Between 11pm - 2am

9. Interests

9.1. Playing video games (Considering the option to be a video game designer)

9.2. Creating new Make-Up looks