moving toward conflict

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moving toward conflict by Mind Map: moving toward conflict

1. America supports France in Vietnam

1.1. America gets involved in 1950 during the French Indochina war.

1.1.1. the U.S. provided the French with massive economic and military support.

1.2. French Rule in Vietnam

1.2.1. from the late 1800's until world war II, frances ruled most if indochina, including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

1.2.2. Ho Chi Minh; led the orginization of the Vietnamese revolutionaries that fled to China

1.2.3. Vietminh; an orginaztion whose goal it was to win vietnams indepenedance from foriegn rule.

1.3. France Battles the Vietnam

1.3.1. 1950; the U.S. entered the Vietnam struggle

1.4. The Vietnam Drive out French

1.4.1. Domino theory; Eisenhower explained the domino theory, in which he likened the countries on the brink if communism to a row of dominoes waiting to fall one after the other. New node

1.4.2. Dien Bien Phu; a french outpost.

2. The United States Steps in.

2.1. Diem Cancels Elections

2.1.1. Ngo Dinh Diem; a strong anti-communist, refused to take part in country-wide elections of 1956.

2.2. Vietcong; a communist opposition group in the south.

3. president Johnson expands the conflict

3.1. diems death brought more chaos to south vietnam

3.2. august 2 1964; a vietnamese patrol boat fires a torpedo at an american destroyer.

3.3. Tonkin Gulf Reolution. was adopted on august 7.