Education Technology Standards

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Education Technology Standards by Mind Map: Education Technology Standards

1. ISTE Standards for Teachers

1.1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity- Teachers use their knowledge to create a learning environment in one on one situations, as well as virtual environments.

1.2. Students will investigate life problems and be engaged in digital media to solve the problem.

1.3. Assist students in using tools to clarify their organization and thinking process.

1.4. Communication will take place with students and their peers along with parents and the community using technology.

1.5. Digital Citizenship- Students will be taught to show respect, be responsible and have proper etiquette.

2. ISTE Standards for Students

2.1. Empowered Learner- Build learning environments that help them to learn.

2.2. Digital Citizenship- Students show their morals in their online behaviour.

2.3. Students will use various strategies for research, form information collections and creatively present it.

2.4. Students will demonstrate safe and legal behaviour.

2.5. Students will use technology to collaborate with learners from different cultures to enhance their learning.

3. Learning and Technology Policy Framework

3.1. Digital Citizenship-  Students will be responsible digital learners.

3.2. Using technology will help students figure out life problems and solve them.

3.3. Professionals will use technology creatively, effectively, and productively.

3.4. Students will learn skills to interact with others and attain global and cultural understanding.

3.5. Students will show proper communicating skills and work effectively with others.

4. ICT Program of Studies

4.1. Students using technology will learn to look for information and solve problems.

4.2. Digital Citizenship- Students learn how to use technology in a moral way.

4.3. Students will learn to organize information and use tools to for effectiveness.

4.4. Students will use technology to communicate.

4.5. Students will practice safety and proper usage of technology.