Erikson's Stages of Development

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Erikson's Stages of Development by Mind Map: Erikson's Stages of Development

1. Trust vs Mistrust

1.1. The balance of trust starts in infancy

1.2. A well handled child develops trust

1.3. A badly handled child develops mistrust

2. Generativity vs Self-Absorption

2.1. Has the sense of working productively and creatively

3. Integrity vs Despair

3.1. Has found a well-defined role in life and is happy with it

4. Autonomy vs Shame

4.1. A well parented child is sure of themselves

5. Initiative vs Guilt

5.1. What Erikson called the "play age"

6. Industry vs Inferiority

6.1. The trusting child will be industrious

6.2. The mistrusting child will feel inferior

7. Identity vs Identity Diffusion

7.1. The trusting child will feel sure of who they are

7.2. The mistrusting child will feel paralyzed and confused on who they are

8. Intimacy vs Isolation

8.1. The trusting child will be able to have true intimacy

8.2. The mistrusting child will feel feeling of regret