Christopher Columbus' "discovery" and its Impact on the world

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Christopher Columbus' "discovery" and its Impact on the world by Mind Map: Christopher Columbus' "discovery" and its Impact on the world

1. Impacted the Native Americans

1.1. It spread diseases

1.2. It brought diseases such as measles, smallpox, chickenpox, mumps, and more.

1.3. It led to force labor of Native Americans.

1.4. Goods from the Americas were traded with Europe, Africa, and Asia through the Columbian Exchange.

2. Impacted the Africans

2.1. Europeans turned to Africa for slaves leading to the Atlantic Slave Trade.

2.2. African Culture was losing its young and elder members due to slavery.

2.3. In the Columbian Exchange, goods from Africa were traded with America.

3. Impacted the Europeans

3.1. Caused the Europeans to cross the Atlantic Ocean to settle in America which led to one of the biggest voluntary migration.

3.2. Land disputes led to rivalries and conflict especially in Spain and Portugal, eventually leading to the Treaty of Tordesillas.

3.3. Led to Spain's desire to explore the seas to claim new colonies. Hernando Cortes landed in what is now Mexico.

3.4. The Spanish built vast empires throughout the Americas

3.5. The Columbian Exchange included the exchange of corn, potatoes, and other goods from America to Europe and Africa.

3.6. The more they wanted to discover and settle, the more they needed slaves.