V For Vendetta - Ambition

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V For Vendetta - Ambition by Mind Map: V For Vendetta - Ambition

1. V's desire to destroy Parliament

1.1. Blames govt for his disfigurement

1.2. Parliament is a symbol of the governemtn

1.3. The government is corrupt

1.3.1. Evey's rape

1.4. V's entire existence is about revenge - until he meets Evey

2. The destruction of the Old Bailey

2.1. Music - Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture - appropriate because of its use of cannons at the crescendo

2.2. Ends with fireworks display that for the encicled V logo

2.3. Makes the scene a celebration

2.3.1. V rejoices at its destruction

2.4. Destruction is symbolic - the building represents English justice - V feels it no longer exists, so destorys the building that represents the idea

2.5. Evey is mortified - feels she is mixed up in terrorism

3. Evey's rebirth as a revolutionary

3.1. Symmetry

3.1.1. Evey born in water

3.1.2. V born in fire

3.1.3. Jesus Christ pose Symbolic of resurrection/ life after death

3.1.4. Evey's change is conducted in the same manner as V's Even uses the letter from Valerie that V read in Larkhill Camera shots and colours of the interrogation

3.1.5. The interrogation V needed Evey to lose her fear He felt this was the only way Causes Evey to hate him

4. The murders of the Larkhill protagonists

4.1. Prothero

4.1.1. Most famous broadcaster in England

4.1.2. Supervised the experiments

4.2. Surridge

4.2.1. Now the police coroner

4.2.2. Responsible for experimenting on V while looking for a new bio-weapon

4.3. The bishop

4.3.1. Now a paedophile Arch-bishop

4.3.2. The camp clergyman Hypocisy of someone in the church allowing the atrocities to continue

4.4. Creedy

4.4.1. Sutler's enforcer Sutler's protector

4.5. All are left a scarlet carson

4.5.1. Symbolic link to the murder of Valerie#

4.5.2. V wants to remind them of what they have done

4.5.3. Connects all the murders to their responsibilities

4.5.4. They believed the flower was extinct - that they had destroyed Valerie's spirit V wants to keep the flower alive to show Valerie's spirit lives on

5. Destruction of freedom in England

5.1. Prothero's TV show

5.1.1. Xenophobic

5.1.2. Tells everyone to do as they are told

5.1.3. Not to question the authorities

5.2. V's broadcast

5.2.1. V disables the broadcasting station to play his own message to the people

5.2.2. Uses the same screens as the chancellor

5.2.3. Size of the shot emphasises V's authority

5.2.4. Panning shots of four social groups Emphasises that all society is listening to the message Shows how powerful the government's propaganda machine is V has been successful when the four groups are not watching when Sutler makes his final broadcast