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V For Vendetta - Ambition by Mind Map: V For Vendetta - Ambition
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V For Vendetta - Ambition

V's desire to destroy Parliament

Blames govt for his disfigurement

Parliament is a symbol of the governemtn

The government is corrupt

V's entire existence is about revenge - until he meets Evey

The destruction of the Old Bailey

Music - Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture - appropriate because of its use of cannons at the crescendo

Ends with fireworks display that for the encicled V logo

Makes the scene a celebration

Destruction is symbolic - the building represents English justice - V feels it no longer exists, so destorys the building that represents the idea

Evey is mortified - feels she is mixed up in terrorism

Evey's rebirth as a revolutionary


The murders of the Larkhill protagonists



The bishop


All are left a scarlet carson

Destruction of freedom in England

Prothero's TV show

V's broadcast