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network code research by Mind Map: network code research
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network code research


reduce packet size

real time compress packets

gzip compression

bit flags


delta compression

collate data into larger packets

fit data into bytes/bits with loss of precision

write bits for states in bitstreams


send only area of interest to client

send only what is moving


network knowledge


no problems with a max packet size of 1400 bytes

fragmentation just isn't an issue

512-byte optimal MTU is pretty much at least 5 years out of date

Every UDP packet that goes out is encumbered by a 22-byte private UDP header

"ideal" transmission size is around 1400 bytes.

UDP packets less than 56 don't split

the lowest packet size thats guaranteed not to be fragmented is 576 bytes

better to send less big packets than more small ones


min 64kbps up & down 256 packets @ 30 packets a sec

packet loss not a problem ~0.5% loss

latency is decent

jitter and late packets are the key problem for realtime protocols


Tribes networking model

Quake 3 model

Newton forums discussion

Latency compensating in HL2

HL backend servers

Most network links

Source networking

Quake 3 connection tweaks

Hooks introduction to multiplayer

Quake 3 Networking Primer

Quake 3 Source

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game algorithms book - netcode

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