Cricket Wireless

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Cricket Wireless by Mind Map: Cricket Wireless

1. Tiffany Baehman (VP Marketing)

1.1. Jeannie Weaver AVP, Sales & Marketing for AT&T's Digital Life business & Owner of Partyland Supply Co, LLCs

1.2. Cindy Rozier ( Executive Director of Brand, Advertising and Merchandising at Cricket Wireless)

1.2.1. Tim Walz (Director Customer Base Marketing)

1.2.2. Jennifer Dodson (Director, Advertising)

1.2.3. Shannon Parkey Ask for an intro to Brand side if no luck with Oliver Pitch her on Digital Production

1.2.4. Oliver Jones Ask for an intro to the Brand side Pitch him on Digital Production

1.2.5. Andrea Gomez (Lead, Brand Strategy) Cold email her and introduce

1.2.6. Jeff Hutcheson (Company Owned and Dealer Promotions)

1.2.7. Lou Fuentes (National Retail)

1.2.8. Shongretta Williams (Sr. Strategy Marketing Manager Digital & Social Media)

1.3. Laura Poffenberger (Executive Director, Digital)

1.3.1. Darrell Franklin (Director, Digital CX)

1.3.2. Dan Northington (Director, Online Strategy)

1.3.3. Shongretta Williams (Sr. Manager, Digital & Social Media)

1.4. Elizabeth Swann (Executive Director, Sales Operations)

1.5. Meagan Light

2. Kasia Williams

3. Adobe Client Base

3.1. Sudheer S (AEM Developer)

3.2. cricketwireless runs on AEM

4. Joe's map