Canada Confedration

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Canada Confedration by Mind Map: Canada Confedration

1. Manifest Destiny

1.1. Stronger army in case United States decided to attack/take over British North America, since US hates Britain.

2. Political Deadlock


2.2. A political deadlock is when two political parties can't create laws because there are even votes on both sides (Deadlock).

2.3. Affect Canada East and West

3. Repeal of the Reciprocity

3.1. Free Trade

3.2. No Traiffs

3.2.1. No taxes on imports

3.3. Later on in 1954 US called of the treaty with Canada.

3.3.1. The BNA Colonies decided to united and free trade with themselves.

4. Fenians

4.1. If the Fenians decided to rebel against them, Canada would easily lose and they didn't want to take their chances.

5. Railroads

5.1. Reasons for the building of railroads

5.2. Allowed the provinces to ship goods, people and troops around the country.

5.3. More Countries/people they can trade with.

6. Rupert's land

6.1. Taking over the West

6.2. Gain power over Rupert's land (i.e. expand westward into what is today Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC).

7. Corn Laws

7.1. self-sufficient militarily and economically

7.2. The corn laws are also referred as PREFERENTIAL treatment

7.3. The BRITISH COLONIES were allowed to export to Britain WITHOUT paying tariffs which also applied to non-British countries including the US.

7.3.1. When the Corn Laws applied it harmed Canada because they can no longer export their wheat to Britain so the provinces can sell amongst themselves and confederate.

8. George Brown

8.1. One of Fathers of Confederation.

9. George Etienne Cartier

9.1. Canadian statesman and one of the Fathers of Confederation.

10. Thomas D'Arcy McGee

10.1. Canadian of Irish descent, known for being a politician, a Catholic spokesman, a journalist, a poet, and one of the Fathers of Canadian Confederation.

11. Joseph Howe

11.1. One of Nova Scotia's most admired politicians and his considerable skills as a journalist and writer have made him a provincial legend.

12. John A. MacDonald

12.1. the first Prime Minister of Canada (1867–1873, 1878–1891)

12.2. The dominant figure of Canadian Confederation.

13. Great Britain wanted its Colonies to be self sufficient

13.1. Self-sufficient: Depend on themselves(don't need anyone else)

13.2. Britain decided to let Canada be free, but we still respect them and appreciate what they did for us in the past.

13.3. They let Canada be independent because there were more powerful/burdening Cons then pros.