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topics and themes by Mind Map: topics and themes
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topics and themes

*Base technologies

*Internet, Networks

- QoS ( rate / reliability, security / cryptography, privacy ) >> Harold, Charlotte

- Security

P2P (Jenneke)

(Mobile) communication networks (Maya, Sofia?)

Web 3.0 - 4.0


Distributed Processing

- large networks organization (self organized networks, ... )

Embedded systems and other platforms

- hardware improvements (nanotechnology, metamaterials ...)

* Developing the methods for designing, developing and validating the forthcoming large complex ICT systems

o Interfaces with physical world

o Self organized, reconfigurable systems and networks

o Complexity analysis, optimization methods, validation tools

* Operating multimodal systems

o Multimedia

o Computer vision

Social Implications

Interaction NG ICT: interaction Man-Machine // Brain-Machine (DALAL ALRAJEH)

ethics & technology // trust (i.e. RFID)

- sociology ( new usages, addictions, ...)

future scenarios

- Global communications for everyone/everywhere

- New services for disabled persons

- ICT and natural environment


*New Multimedia Data Types and Applications

Nowadays, multimedia data (and its applications in entertainment/collaboration) is mostly restricted to images/video/sound. The above projects address the fusion of images and 3D geometry for next generation multimedia and virtual interaction and communication.

* Image-based rendering and reconstruction (Peter, Michael, Alex). Also Interfacing with augmented reality apps, --- 3D reconstruction from images and video, --- Motion analysis, --- Image-based 2D and 3D tracking (e.g., persons and objects), --- Free viewpoint rendering from images, --- Photo Manipulation and Animation, --- Hybrid 2D/3D geometry representations as future multimedia data types, - 3D reconstruction, - video object segmentation, - object detection

Digital signal processing (Félicien, Zekeriya Erkin)

multimedia: image / audio processing (Sofia?)

* Applications like Gaming, social networks, Virtual worlds

- Home entertainment

* Seamlessly interfacing the real and the virtual in the knowledge Society

o Virtual interactions and new usages

o Enriched reality

Numerical identity (Michael Huth?)

Crisis management

- bio-informatics (modelizations, medical imaging, ... )

- Health care (automatic diagnosis, ...)

* New technologies for virtual collaboration and social interaction