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Let's Do It! by Mind Map: Let's Do It!

1. Offering To Do Something

1.1. - How about going to the cinema? - Why don't we go to the beach while it's sunny? - Why not do this again later? We need a break - We could go to the cinema instead of just staying in - We should celebrate your college admission - Shall we go to before it starts raining? - It's raining cats and dogs. let's just stay in and watch some DVDs.

2. Accepting An offer to do something

2.1. - Yes/yeah, great/fine/ok/that's a good idea/that sounds good - sure, if you like - yes, i don't mind - Let's!

3. Refusing an offer to do something

3.1. - I think i'd rather go to the concert

4. Offering An Invitation

4.1. formal -I'd like you to come to dinner. -I'd like to ask you to come to my housewarming party -I wondered if you'd like to come to my birthday party on sunday

4.2. Informal -Do you fancy a walk? -Do you fancy jogging in the park with me ? -Do you feel like going to the cinema?

5. Accepting An Invitation

5.1. formal - Thank you. i'd be glad to - Yes, thank you. i'd be very happy - Thank you so much for inviting me

5.2. Informal - I'd love to - I,m up for that - Oh, i'd love that. what time? - Ok all right

6. Declining An Invitation

6.1. Formal - I,m so sorry. i'll be very busy tomorrow night. - I,m afraid that's not good for me, what about after lunch - I would love to, but i can't. i've already had another appointment.

6.2. Informal - Oh no, sorry, i'm meeting someone then. maybe another time  - I really appreciate the invite, but sorry, i can't make it - maybe next time ?