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Motivation by Mind Map: Motivation

1. How motivation and personalized learning work hand and hand to create some of the best learning experiences for the students.

2. How to balance that student control as a teacher and how to promote a classroom for personalized learning. How a lesson plan plays a major role in how personalized learning in received in the class.

3. The role that self-assessment plays in personalized learning and getting to know more about your student's prefer teaching styles.

4. Motivation Through Personalized Learning

4.1. The relationship between motivation, learning strategies and choice of environment whether traditional or including an online component

5. The Role of Motivation in Education

5.1. The different between Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation.

5.2. Different aspects of the Stability in Motivation through Teacher Education.

5.3. The process of reaching all learners.

5.3.1. The effects of motivation on education and how teachers can build their motivational skills.

6. Motivation Through Technology & Games

6.1. The educational outcomes and research found when using technology and games in the class

6.2. The learning affordances in 3-D Virtual Environments and their affects on motivation in the classroom.

6.3. How to create motivational engagement in the classroom and how to include video gaming in the classroom.

6.4. Different viewpoints of teaching and learning with games from educators.

6.4.1. This will discuss how games promote motivation in the classroom including ways that the game can be used.