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Ancient Egypt by Mind Map: Ancient Egypt

1. How did a person become a Pharaoh?

2. Is a Pharaoh the same as a King?

3. Is it a monarchy?

4. How were the lives of the Ancient Egyptians different from our lives now?

5. Who were the Egyptian "royal family"?

6. How did Ancient Egyptian culture effected other religions/cultures?

7. Geographical aspects of ancient Egypt.

7.1. What are the major landmarks of Ancient Egypt?

7.2. Who built them?

7.3. Are they still standing today?

7.3.1. Why/ Why not?

8. Ancient Egyptian Horticulture.

9. Social hierarchy.

9.1. Who were the different groups of society?

9.2. How did a person become a member of that group?

9.3. What did it mean to be apart of that group in ancient times?

9.4. Do these groups still exist today?

10. What are the pyramids?

10.1. Who made them?

10.2. Why were they made?

10.3. What were they made of?

11. What Gods do the ancient Egyptians worship (cultural beliefs)

12. What are mummies and why are they significant in Egyptian culture?

12.1. How are mummies made?

12.2. Do only royals get mummified?

13. Egyptian creation stories and impact on political aspect.

13.1. What God/Gods were involved?

13.2. How long was the creation?

13.3. What were the specific roles of the God/Gods?