Components of Health

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Components of Health by Mind Map: Components of Health

1. Emotional

1.1. How well one controls their emotions and behaviour

2. Mental

2.1. How a person thinks, psychological and social wellbeing

3. Spiritual

3.1. One's capacity to love and his Religious Faith

4. Physical

4.1. How well one's body functions and the actions taken to maintain it

4.1.1. Regular Exercise

4.1.2. Healthy Diet

4.1.3. Adequate amount of sleep

5. Health Products and Services

5.1. Physical Health

5.1.1. Creation:In terms of health products, when I was small(7 or 8), I would go play football and swimming with my dad and my mom would insist that I apply sunscreen before and I could not understand why. I would use health products such as toothpaste and soap to wash my hands even if I did not want to because my parents told me to. In terms of health services, I would go to the dentist and health checkups at least twice a year. It is evident here that my parents played a huge role in this area. Even though i was not eager to use health products or services, my parents 'forced' me to, which was beneficial to my physical health. When I was young, I always got sick, mainly fever. Once went to hospital because of high fever. Went to Western clinics because I was allergic to chinese medicine (once got even more sick after using it) Fall: As I grew older, both my parents and I became more busy and often chose not to go to health checkups and rarely went to dental checkups (once a year). I would label health care products such as shampoo or sunscreen to be useless and unimportant to my health. There was this one time I went to Tai Shui Hang waterfall with my friends and a friend offered me sunscreen. This was about 2 o clock in the day and the sun was scorching, but I remarked that 'sunscreen is for white boys'. Redemption: As a result for that day, I got a painful sunburn that lasted at least a week. When my parents saw that i had received a sunburn, they rebuked me and told me that I should've used sunscreen. Restoration: After searching up online about why we should use sunscreen, I discovered that overexposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer, and that sunscreen can help prevent that. Now, although I still do not frequently use health services, I insist on using certain essential health care products. For example, for camp, I brought health care products such as deodorant, soap, shampoo, mosquito repellent and sunscreen.  I do not use health services much. For example, whenever I get sick, I just stay at home and rest.

6. Behaviours

6.1. Mental Health and Emotional Health

6.1.1. When I was a child, I had only one thing on my mind: play. Although this made me unenthusiastic for school because I would spend most of the class time talking with friends, it positively affected my mental and emotional health because I had a positive outlook on the world as well as a desire to have fun and play with my friends. This sort of behaviour allowed me to interact much with other people, which is a sign of healthy emotional health. I think that the people that influenced my behaviours the most were my classmates because I saw them the most and would subconsciously imitate them. As time passed on until middle school, school was fun and games no more. Teachers and adults began to look at the kids and expect them to be completely mature and to behave as if they were adults. This negatively impacted my mental health. In this stage of life, I began to focus more on school and use my time to study rather than to spend time with others, which weakened my friendships. This is reflected by my lack of sleep and my low patience. I didn't join any sports or groups and just kept to myself, so I had less of a social life. Now in my junior year, I realise that a bad mental health can also affect my work rate when I get home. Because of this, I try to establish a healthy balance between work and others. For example, for the past 2 years, I have joined sports at school to spend time with friends as well as improve my physical fitness. Spending an hour or two per day playing football has helped me academically as well because I am more motivated when I am happy. I think now I am still in the redemption stage in the biblical contour because this problem has not been solved yet. When faced with a choice between studies and having a social life, I will choose studies 99% of the time

7. Culture

7.1. Spiritual Health, Mental Health, Physical Health

7.1.1. When I was a child, Chinese culture had a rather positive impact on my mental health. Values such as courtesy and honesty were introduced to me at a young age, and are rooted deep in my mind even today. However, the cuisine in Chinese culture is quite unhealthy, as many oils and spices are used. This diet had a detrimental effect on my physical health. It is part of the 'Hong Kong culture' to play piano or violin, so I was forced to play even though I did not want to. This affected my mental health because I would do things just to impress or please my parents. Story: When my aunt died, our family was Christian, but the other relatives were not. They had a ceremony where you are supposed to bow down 3 times to mourn for the dead. I was quite confused as of what to do, because in church and school we learned not to do that, even though it is a sign of respect. In the end, my parents told me to just stand and pray, and so i followed what they told me to do. This is an example of the clash of culture and religion. In terms of my spiritual health, I think this strengthened it because Chinese culture challenged some aspects of Christianity, and I had the opportunity to ask my parents or church members for reasoning. This reminds me of the story of Daniel, where he refused to bow before the king (culture vs religion) Now, I keep the positive aspects of Chinese culture such as courtesy and honesty, but reject more extreme traditions such as the tomb sweeping. Every year, we have a gathering at Chinese New Year with the extended family, which positively impacts my mental health because i can catch up with my relatives that I have not seen with a year. I have a good relationship with my grandma, which was nurtured ever since I was a young boy.(I lived with my grandparents and parents when I was young)

8. Technology

8.1. Physical, Mental, Emotional

8.1.1. Creation: When I was a child, I did not have a computer of my own regardless of how much i pestered my parents to get me one. Whenever I touched a computer, it was used strictly for educational purposes: IXL or brainpop. This was good for my mental health because this taught me what technology should be used for, as well as advancing my mathematic and English abilities. I got my first phone when I was in fifth grade (could do nothing except for call or text, what it was meant to do) Fall and Redemption: In the middle school phase of my life, I got my first computer (smartphone in 7th grade. This did not work well because playing video games (puzzles and dragons) and surfing the web took up most of my time. I would sleep at 1 or two every night, which was terrible for my physical and mental health because I would wake up everyday tired. Also, because I slept so little at night, that meant that I took naps in the afternoon, which had an impact on my relationships with others because I could have spent time hanging out with friends. Now, I believe that I am still in the redemption phase. Though I still use the computer a lot and am always distracted by the internet, I try to limit myself such as having a sleep schedule. I have glasses that filter bluelight so that when I look at screens, my vision is not as affected. Although I have more technology like a PS4 and computer, I dont use them much for entertainment unless I am on weekends or vacation.

9. Communities

9.1. Physical, Mental, Spiritual

9.1.1. Creation: When I was a child, communities such as church and friends had a positive impact on my physical and spiritual health. We had a youth group in church where we could freely express ourselves and generally have lots of fun. Friends at school encouraged me to join football outside of school. This was good for my physical and spiritual health. My parents stressed the importance of education, so even during the times of SARS, I went to school. This was dangerous for my physical health but was good for my education because I basically had a private tutoring session for 8hrs a day Fall: In my freshman year of highschool, things began to change. My community at school became much more competitive as everyone would be really stressed about grades. Hong Kong asa community would urge students to be more competitive and to do better than others in school. I conformed to this, and before long, I would be mentally and physically stressed before tests. Sometimes, I would skip church because I had an upcoming test, and this affected my spiritual health Now in my Junior year, I think that I am in the redemption stage. Though I am taking some hard AP classes, I think that I have done better to be less competitive at school. Sometimes, I encourage people to calm down a bit when they have a test. Also, I try to sleep at 12pm every night so that I am mentally and physically prepared for the next day

10. How do the Components of Health interrelate and Biblical Overview

10.1. To be fully healthy, one must satisfy all four components of health which are listed above. It is not enough to just be physically fit, or just be happy. None of these components are more important than the other, because all of these are essential to living a long happy life. In the Bible, it states that we should use our entire being to love God and our neighbor. This includes our body, heart, mind, and soul, which are basically the four components of health. If we honor these components of health, we are glorifying God.