Johor Corporation

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Johor Corporation by Mind Map: Johor Corporation

1. Administrative Requirements

1.1. Management System

1.1.1. Payment Counter

1.1.2. Complaints / IOT

1.1.3. Licensing

1.1.4. Taxation

1.1.5. iPerolehan

1.1.6. Tender & Quotation

1.1.7. Car Park rental

1.1.8. Lease site rental e.g: night market, food court

1.2. Network Integration

1.2.1. Voice Local Fixed Line Fibre Link 30 channels 200 direct lines Free On-Net Calls Cloud PBX Mobile Apps - for Fixed Line Cost efficient Scalable Simple configuration Reliable Features rich

1.2.2. Internet for Office - admin Metro Ethernet Up to 500 Mbps Dedicated Can bundled with voice SLA 99.0 % Comes with Cisco Router Burstable - subject to condition Fixed IP addresses Wireless Leased Lines Up to 20 Mbps Dedicated / Shared SLA 99.5 % - Dedicated Burstable - subject to condition Fixed IP addresses Back up with ADSL ADSL 1 Mbps / 512 Kbps Bonding from 4 to 20 lines

1.2.3. Intranet Link from 2 to more places - subject to condition Metro E / Wireless

1.2.4. Data Centre Offsite Back Up Including connection for back up Software - auto back up Flexible storage capacity ICT as a Service Data Centre Services Managed Hosting Services ICT Outsourcing Services Data Centre Technical & Operation Support Business Continuity Services ICT Resumption Services Business Resumption Services Call Centre Recovery Services Work-area Recovery Professional Advisory Services Data Centre Design And Implementation Business Continuity Planning Business Impact Analysis Business Continuity Strategy And Plan Development Professional Advisory Services BCP Training Cloud Solution Computing Resources-as-a-Service (CRaaS) Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Development Platform-as-a-Srvice (DPaaS) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Short term storage

1.2.5. IOT

1.2.6. DDOS

1.2.7. Office Communication Mobile Counters Wifi

2. Value Add-On Service

2.1. CCTV

2.2. Landscape

2.3. Traffic Light

3. Intranet to Branches

3.1. Tg Surat

3.2. Pantai Timur

3.3. Pengerang

3.4. Sedili Kecil

3.5. Johor Lama

3.6. Desaru

3.7. Bandar Penawar

3.8. Johor Tenggara