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Computer Supported Collaborative Learning by Mind Map: Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
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Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Wk 9-Intro & Communication Methods


Personal Contracts

Tools/Technology for Communication

Skills/procedures for Communication

Group Decision Making

Visual Models

Research Strategies

Evaluation Peer Performance

Wk 10-Compare Personal Theories

Causal Maps

Factors that Impact Collaboration

I'm tackling many of the issues listed in this section. Dan

Compare and Contrast Personal Theories with jMAP

Research Evidence to Support Factors

Establish Short Term Goals

Establish Individual Roles & Responsibilities

Evaluate Peer Performance

Wk 11-Construct Group Causal Maps

Continued Research

Continued Dialog

Construct Group Causal Map

Construct Web Site

Evaluate Peer Performance

Wk 12-Analysis & Exposition

Finalize Web Site

Written Analysis to Support Group Theory

Evaluate Peer Performance