Units for Art

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Units for Art by Mind Map: Units for Art

1. G6

1.1. SMn/REM

1.2. Beginning

1.2.1. Looking through the lens

1.3. Middle

1.3.1. More than a pinch pot

1.4. End

1.4.1. Basic Forms

2. G7

2.1. SMn/REM

2.2. Beginning

2.2.1. Me and my community

2.3. Middle

2.3.1. Activism- Change the world through Art/ Stand up

2.4. End

2.4.1. Expressing ideas through paint

3. G8

3.1. SMn/ REM/ SHi

3.2. Beginning

3.2.1. Title

3.3. Middle

3.3.1. Identity

3.4. End

3.4.1. Ceramics

4. G9

4.1. graphics

4.1.1. Lmg

4.1.2. Beginning Identity Logo design Typographic portraits Facesplitter digital portraits

4.1.3. Middle Object illustration typography packaging

4.1.4. End Message advertising propaganda

4.1.5. Review for GCSE

4.2. Fine Art

4.2.1. Shi

4.2.2. End Identy Courbet Desperate Man Munch Making a connection to these two artists in a final hack

4.2.3. Middle Creative Doodling Brief interim project to look at patterning and how it can add complexity and interest to artwork

4.2.4. Middle Frida Kahlo project Making a connection to Kahlo project with process. Create personal artwork as a result of study.

4.2.5. Beginning TBA

4.2.6. Review for GCSE

5. G10

5.1. fine art

5.1.1. Lmg

5.1.2. Beginning Personal Project

5.1.3. Middle Mock Exam - Food & Drink

5.1.4. End Final Exam

5.2. graphics

5.2.1. Lmg

5.2.2. Beginning Message Propaganda/Advertising

5.2.3. Middle Mock Exam

5.2.4. End Final Exam

6. G11

6.1. Shi

6.2. Beginning

6.2.1. What do I like?

6.3. Middle

6.3.1. Breaking this down to 3 , beginning of Comparative Study

6.3.2. Identity unit for Exhibition - focus on VAJ and PP

6.4. Middle

6.4.1. Completing the CS

6.5. End

6.5.1. Completing the PP

7. G12

7.1. SHi

7.2. Beginning

7.2.1. Meaning in art - what do I want to say?

7.3. Middle

7.3.1. Putting it all together for the viewer

7.4. End

7.4.1. Putting it all together for the Examiner

8. What units do we want for each year group? We want to minimise the number of unit so that they are quite important in the big picture of each year level. Within each unit we can link to slides, drawings, documents etc that relate to "sub-units" within the larger units.

9. Numbers of Units:Thinking for the moment 3 for middle school (maybe too many) and 4 for HS (two middle units - could be one too many)

10. Each of the units should assess all 3 Standards - sub units can relate to one or more substandards

11. Art media, techniques and processes work together to create works of art.

12. FIB

12.1. Beginning

12.1.1. identity

12.2. Middle

12.2.1. some short lessons technique based, getting to know each other through working together

12.2.2. Free art project

12.3. Middle

12.3.1. Pottery

12.4. End

12.4.1. Free art project