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Criminal Procedure by Mind Map: Criminal Procedure
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Criminal Procedure

Exclusionary Rule


passenger has standing to protest a stop but NO standing to protest search

fruit of the poisonous tree

subsequent evidence admissible

challenge warrant

balancing approach


procedural and enforcement

Fourth Amendment

Government action

arrest and other detentions

general principles


warrantless arrest

probable cause

reasonable suspicion

terry standard

search and seizure

warrant actions

search and arrest warrants

pursuant to warrants

exceptions, incident to lawful arrest, Automobile Exception, plain view, consent, pursuant to a stop, hot pursuit, exigent circumstances

administrative searches

border crossings

other searches

Statements and Confessions

Involuntary Statement

Inadmissible statements

Totality of the Circumstances [1] Age [2] Sex [3] Education [4] Mental and Physical Harm  

Due Process Clauses (5th and 14th)

Right to Counsel under 6th Amendment, Waiver, Interrogation

Self incrimination under 5th, Waiver, Interrogation

Fruit of illegal arrest or searches under 4th

Other Information


Right to counsel only after indictment (formal charges filed) inadmissible as a violative of due process