Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise Architecture by Mind Map: Enterprise Architecture

1. Enterprise Architecture Model for Government Applications

1.1. EA Framework

1.2. Zachman Framework

1.3. Designing Applications E-Gov EA using the Zachman Framework

1.3.1. Objective and Scope Why what when where who how

1.3.2. Enterprise Model why what when where who how

1.3.3. System Model

2. A Method to Define an Enterprise Architecture using the Zachman Framework

2.1. Method

2.1.1. Rules of Fulfilling

2.1.2. The Method: Step by Step

2.1.3. Anchor Cells

2.2. Tool

2.2.1. Information Repository

2.2.2. Proposed Artifacts Support

2.2.3. Multi-Dimensional Analysis

2.2.4. Alignment

3. Updating The Enterpise Architecture Planning Model

3.1. The Need To Update EAP

3.2. Change To The EAP model

3.2.1. Planning Initiation

3.2.2. Business Modeling

3.2.3. Current Systems & Technology

3.2.4. Data Architecture

3.2.5. App Arch

3.3. The New EAP Model

4. Enterprise Architecture Modeling for Business and IT Alignment

4.1. Research Approach

4.2. Relevant Theories from the Problem Domains

4.2.1. Business and IT alignment Dimensions and Domains

4.2.2. Participative Enterprise Modeling

4.3. Preliminary Results

4.3.1. EA Focal Areas in the Context of BITA (Relevant and Sufficient)

5. Coherency Management: Using Enterprise Architecture for Alignment, Agility, and Assurance

5.1. Foundation Architecture

5.2. Extended Architecture

5.3. Embedded Architecture