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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Communication

1.1. Class DoJo


1.1.2. A behavior management app in which teachers can communicate student behavior with parents as students earn and lose points throughout the day.

1.1.3. Free

1.2. Remind101


1.2.2. A text-messaging app in which teachers can send text messages to groups or individuals. Allows for parents, students and teachers to stay connected.

1.2.3. Free

1.3. Bloomz


1.3.2. A classroom communication app in which teachers can post class updates, schedule conferences, and update parents on student progress. Has a similar set-up to Facebook, but is a secure network that allows for safe communication between school and home.

1.3.3. Free

2. Reading

2.1. Kids A-Z


2.1.2. A reading app that allows students to listen and read leveled texts. When students finish a book they can take a quiz to ensure they comprehend what they have read. When students finish a set of texts and quizzes they are given a higher leveled set of books.

2.1.3. Requires Subscription: 1 year/1 class/ $109.95

2.2. Starfall


2.2.2. Students can utilize this app to practice letter recognition, sound recognition, word families, and reading. This app has a variety of games in which students can explore books to learn.

2.2.3. Free

2.3. Eggy 100 HD


2.3.2. This app allows for students to practice grade level sight words through a variety of games.

2.3.3. Free

2.4. Epic! Unlimited Books for Kids


2.4.2. This app has a variety of books for students to read and listen to. Teachers can assign specific books to students and monitor student progress. Epic has a great selection of fiction and nonfiction books in a variety of levels.

2.4.3. Free

3. Writing

3.1. Trace Pre-cursive


3.1.2. This app allows for students to practice D'Nealian letter formation. The app gives a tutorial of how to write the letter and then allows for students to practice it on their own.

3.1.3. Free

3.2. Let's Write ABCs


3.2.2. Students can practice writing and reading letters, words, and numbers. The app also has several activities that develop hand-eye coordination to improve handwriting.

3.2.3. Free

3.3. Letter School Free- Write ABC


3.3.2. This app gives students exposure and practice to letters and the sounds they make. Students are introduced to the letter and the sound it makes and then have three opportunities to write it in fun and engaging ways.

3.3.3. Free

4. Math

4.1. Kids Counting Games


4.1.2. Students have to utilize their counting skills to match the numbers to the correct group of objects. This app is a great  for students who need to practice number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.

4.1.3. Free

4.2. Kindergarten Math- Kids Math


4.2.2. This app has over 65 levels that increase in difficulty. The levels allow students to practice their math skills through engaging games.

4.2.3. Free

5. Letter and Sound Recognition

5.1. PencilBot Feed Me!


5.1.2. This app allows students to practice letter name recognition and letter sound recognition by feeding their monster the matching item he is thinking about. Students progress through multiple levels of engaging games.

5.1.3. Free

5.2. Preschool All-In-One


5.2.2. Has several games in which students can practice letter recognition, The games include: memory, writing,

5.2.3. Free